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Great hiking tours.

Amazing way to explore the mountains.

Get ready for breathtaking views and unforgettable experience.

What To Expect

Experienced Guides

Our guides are professionals in their field. We can provide interesting tracks for any level. Each group will be accompanied by at least 2 guides.

Free Equipment

If you don't have tourist backpacks, tents, or any other necessary things for comfortable and environmentally friendly camping. Don't worry we will provide you with everything.

Great Atmosphere

Our friendly, attentive and easy-going team will make sure that your mountain adventure will be delightful, interesting and remarkable.

Benefits Of Hiking


It allows you to bond with nature. It improves mental health and creativity. It also betters your mood.


Raise bone density. Loose weight, improve physical conditions. Lower blood pressure. Enhance coordination and flexibility.


It will improve your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues (if you are coming with them).

How To Choose Hiking Boots

Right Height

If you like to stay on the trails, go how low boots. Aggressive day hiking and light backpacking would be complemented by ankle-high boots. If you go hard, choose boots with support above your ankle.

Features To Look For

Waterproofness. Shoes had to be made from waterproof materials, that would also allow your foot to breathe. Choose boots with arch, ankle, and load support. Go for lighter boots.


You should shop for the boots late in the afternoon (or even evening) as human feet expand during the day, and you will have the ability to fit boots while feet reached their full size. Do classic finger, sensory and stride tests.

About us

Jake Williams Founder of Yogini Travels
There is nothing better than the mountains. Our passionate team will help you to fall in love with mountains and have an unforgettable hiking experience.

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